Graduate student to start fall 2018:

The CONNECT lab is looking for a highly motivated graduate student with interest in cognitive neuroscience, specifically the role of large-scale brain networks or oscillatory rhythms in cognitive control processes. An introductory familiarity with statistics and coding (any language) are required. Students with research experience in cognitive neuroscience using fMRI, EEG, or MEG modalities, or network analysis methods, are especially encouraged to apply.

If interested, please apply through the psychology and/or neuroscience graduate programs of the university of Illinois. You may also contact Sepideh Sadaghiani (sepideh AT illinois.edu)

Undergraduate Research Assistantships for winter and spring 2018:

The CONNECT lab is looking for undergraduate students interested in getting involved in research on network connectivity of the human brain. Students from all relevant fields (Psychology, ECE, CS or MCB) are welcome to apply for this volunteer position.  Course credits (e.g., PSYC290, MCB290) can be accredited. We are looking for students with

  • High self-motivation and sense of responsibility
  • Good time management skills
  • Nine hours of time per week dedicated to work in the lab
  • At least basic computational experience (MATLAB, python, or similar)

If interested, please send your CV to Sepideh Sadaghiani (sepideh AT illinois.edu)