Graduate Student Position (Fall 2024): Multi-Modal Approaches to Cognitive Network Neuroscience:
The CONNECTlab is seeking a graduate student with interest in cognitive neuroscience and especially brain networks to work on NIH-funded projects. The CONNECTlab focuses on the significance of large-scale neural communication  and intrinsic brain activity for cognitive control and behavior. We use EEG, intracranial EEG, fMRI and concurrent EEG-fMRI. We apply whole-brain connectivity and network neuroscience approaches in healthy participants as well as psychiatric and neurological populations (major depression, brain lesions, neuro-Zika). We bring together many different talents in the lab, are supportive of each other, and love what we do. The Beckman Institute housing our lab offers a multi- disciplinary collaborative research environment and includes the Biomedical Imaging Center with two Siemens PRISMA MRI scanners and cutting-edge multi-modal neuroimaging capabilities. The ideal candidate will have prior research experience in relevant modalities (fMRI or EEG/MEG or behavioral studies) and have a basic understanding of coding and statical hypothesis testing.

If interested, please consider contacting CONNECTlab PI Sepideh Sadaghiani (sepideh AT illinois.edu) ahead of submitting your official application to the Psychology PhD Program .

Undergraduate Research Assistantships:
The CONNECT lab is looking for undergraduate students interested in getting involved in cognitive neuroscience research. Students from all relevant fields (Psychology, ECE, CS or MCB) are welcome to apply for this volunteer position.  Course credits (e.g., PSYC290, MCB290) can be accredited. The positions are unpaid. We are looking for students with

  • High self-motivation and sense of responsibility
  • Good time management skills
  • Nine hours of time per week dedicated to work in the lab
  • Basic computational experience (MATLAB, python, or similar) would be welcome, but is not required

If interested, please send your CV to connectlab.illinois AT gmail.com